Actively Fundraising at OTARC October – December 2013

Everyday Hero fundraisers

Our enthusiastic group of fundraisers have been busy in the past few months.


Kathy’s Fun Run raised $605.00


  • Prof Cheryl Dissanayake
  • Miss Eleanor Bent
  • Mrs Mary Bent
  • Mr Peter Bent
  • Lucy Daley
  • Cathy Bent
  • Catherine Murphy
  • Tanya Kilgower
  • Miss Jillian Crane
  • Dr Elfriede Ihsen

Josie's son

Josie Toscano’s City2Sea event raised $1640 (to date)


  • Ms Tessa Dobson
  • Mrs Leanne Gelemanovic
  • Mrs Tania Vescio
  • Ms Catherine Wade
  • Ms Imogen Caruso
  • Mr Christopher Grieco
  • Mrs Cathy Sala
  • Mrs Susan Conduit
  • Miss Avril Hill
  • Dr Elfriede Ihsen
  • Mrs Julia Agrimi
  • Prof Cheryl Dissanayake
  • Mr Vince Tarallo
  • Miss Teresa Vescio
  • Ms Josephine Mercuri
  • Ms Lucy Sacino
  • Miss Kiara Grieco
  • Mrs Tamara Vescio
  • Ms Pina Scicluna
  • Ms Emma Zito
  • Mrs Nicky Vejanovski
  • Mr Peter Vescio

Amelia and Andrew

Amelia and Andrews engagement raised $3289.00 (to date)


  • Mr Ralph Tarallo
  • Mrs Deborah Johnson
  • Mr Andrew Johnson
  • Mrs Sarah Evans
  • Mrs Christine Paterson
  • Mrs Lark Bushby
  • Mr David McCarthy
  • Ms Lisa Cusmano
  • Mrs Carol Hayes
  • Miss Samantha Greaves
  • Mr Nicholas Maxsted
  • Miss Gemma McKechnie
  • Miss Stephanie Ringwood
  • Mr Jeremy Payne
  • Mr James Trethewie
  • Mrs Jill Smith
  • Mr John Knoll
  • Mr Dave Harry
  • Mr Andrew Paterson
  • Mr Geoff Saunders
  • Mr Nicholas Hill
  • Mr Ian Sanderson

OTARC sends a heartfelt thank you to all the donors who supported Cathy, Josie and Amelia and Andrew in their fundraising events.

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