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Employing adults with ASD

Professor Cheryl Dissanayake, Thorkil Sonne and Michael Fieldhouse discuss the implementation of the Specialist People Foundation employment model. This model has now arrived in Australia to help find work for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre and the research accompanying it.


Inside the Lab – Episode 6: Early Autism and Global Knowledge Transfer

Dr Josephine Barbaro is joined by Professor Catherine Lord and Dr Andy Shih during the week of Autism activities, co-ordinated by Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre, held at La Trobe University December 2014. The focus of episode 6 is early identification and diagnosis of ASD as well as global knowledge transfer.

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Inside the Lab – Episode 5: Focus on Adults

Associate Professor Amanda Richdale, Dr Janine Manjiviona and Dr Debra Costley discuss the developments in research focusing on adults with ASD. Topics include the greater focus on adult issues at International Meeting For Autism Research 2014; findings from Aspects We Belong Study; why little research time has been focused on adults historically; shortage of clinical services for adults; challenges of diagnosis; the importance of relationships and social connections; education: learning support and social support; issues in gaining and keeping employment; being able to live independently; the influence of co-morbid conditions; greater end-user engagement; the Autism CRC.

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Inside the Lab – Episode 4: Research into Early Interventions

Dr Kristelle Hudry, Dr Giacomo Vivanti, Dr John McEachin discuss the development and trends of research into early intervention. Topics covered include the neurodiversity v intervention debate, barriers to research into interventions: historical tendency to prefer high functioning autism, lack of understanding about how children learn, lack of sector accepting evidence of research, general lack of scientific culture, priorities of research funders, the problems of randomised control trials as best practice scientific design.

The Making of Inside the Lab

Studio scene

By Wojciech Nadachowski

Talking ASD Research

This year OTARC created a new show Inside the Lab to look at recent developments in Autism research. Using a the talk show format to address changes in Autism research we hope the more casual format will make this information more accessible. We will be inviting researchers from around the world to give us their inside knowledge on questions they are focusing on.  We will also invite individuals,  parents, clinicians, professionals and teachers to understand the impact of research as well as their priorities. To find Inside the Lab  on our blog is easy, just click on the “Inside the Lab” category in the right hand sidebar.

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Inside the Lab – Episode 3: Autism in China

Description: Professor Cheryl Dissanayake, Dr Josephine Barbaro and Associate Professor Chongying Wang discuss Autism in China. Episode 3: Tuesday 26th November: the state of autism in China, pilot implementation of of early identification using Social Attention and Communication Study (SACS), comparing SACS (surveillance) with M-CHAT and CHAT-23 (screening), training medical professionals in Tianjin, the future government Implementation of SACS in Tianjin, tension between research in developing and developed world, translation of diagnostic and assessment tools into Chinese, influence of cultural differences and one child policy on identification, necessity for public awareness, the need for early intervention, telehealth approaches to intervention, the need for Global Knowledge Transfer.

Inside the Lab – Episode 2: Stakeholder driven research.

Episode 2: Friday 4th October: Stakeholder driven research. Dr Kristelle Hudry, Ms Amanda Golding and Professor Ann Le Couteur discuss recent news and developments in Autism research. topic covered include the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), Autism Research Policy Hub in Cardiff, issues facing adults, stakeholder driven research, Autism CRC, database for children with autism spectrum disorder living in the north east of England.  Continue reading

New show looking at developments in Autism research

By Wojciech Nadachowski

This week, we’ve launched a new show “Inside the Lab”, looking at the latest news and developments in Autism research. Through a talk show format, we’ll address changes in Autism research and try to tackle some confusion around conflicting findings. Continue reading