Inside the Lab – Episode 6: Early Autism and Global Knowledge Transfer

Dr Josephine Barbaro is joined by Professor Catherine Lord and Dr Andy Shih during the week of Autism activities, co-ordinated by Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre, held at La Trobe University December 2014. The focus of episode 6 is early identification and diagnosis of ASD as well as global knowledge transfer.

Topics covered include: how young ASD can be diagnosed, the nature of regression, the Global Autism Public Health Initiative, the need to prioritise community based research, the problem of disseminating knowledge to low resource countries, Autism Speaks’ case studies of community participatory research, how to make gold standard tools available to low resource countries, the difference between screening and developmental surveillance, the benefits of raising awareness, focusing on identifying learning requirements, the emergence of greater collaboration in research, stakeholder engagement in research projects.

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