Media Activities – October – December 2016


13 September

Inside Higher Ed

Students on the Spectrum

Journalists: Elizabeth Finnegan and Margaret Finnegan

The paper by Ru Cai and Associate Professor Amanda Richdale, Educational Experiences and Needs of Higher Education Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, published in Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, was mentioned in this online newsletter published in the US.


11 October

Three Minute Read website

This app wants to help parents diagnose autism early

Journalist: Kathy Chin Leong

This article is about Professor Cheryl Dissanayake and Dr Josephine Barbaro introducing ASDetect at The Dreamforce conference in San Francisco USA


1 December

Asia Cloud Forum

Early autism detection: How one cloud-based mobile app made a difference

By Melissa Chua,

An interview with Professor Cheryl Dissanayake and Dr Josephine Barbaro at Dreamforce 2016



La Trobe Asia – Asia Rising – Making a difference in the Asian Century

Early Detection for Autism in China

Professor Cheryl Dissanayake and Dr Josephine Barbaro wrote an article on SACS and the ASDetect app for this publication.


2 December

Open Forum Website

ASDetect: an award winning smartphone app

Dr Nancy Sadka explains the ASDetect app.


Our Living with Autism vod/pod casts for the period Sep 02, 2016 – Nov 22, 2016, the Living with Autism collection had 3730 downloads.

For this period, the top 5 items downloaded were:

  • #7 Sleep and Autism – 440
  • #8 Autism Detection? There’s an App for That – 232
  • #1 Early Detection of Autism – 228
  • #5 Stress and Anxiety In Adolescents With ASD – 204
  • #2 Developments in Autism Research – 198

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