Training on the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule – 2nd Edition (ADOS-2)

ADOS workshop

Combined Course: Standard (Clinical) ADOS-2 & ADOS-2 for Research

OTARC is pleased to offer specialist training in diagnostic assessment to clinicians and researchers on the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule – 2nd Edition (ADOS-2). The ADOS-2 is the gold-standard observational assessment to provide information relevant for making a diagnosis of ASD. It can be used with individuals right across the lifespan and at all levels of ability through selection of the appropriate module (i.e., standard Modules 1 through 4 for young children, adolescents and adults, and the new, specialist Toddler-Module*). The ADOS-2 can also be used, post-diagnosis, to evaluate an individual’s current level of strengths and weaknesses in social-communication, play/imagination, and stereotyped/repetitive behaviour.

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Course Dates: 

Monday 27th to Thursday 30th June, 2016


Alex Aulich

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$2,000 per trainee for Standard (Clinical) ADOS-2

$2,500 per trainee for ADOS-2 for Research

ADOS-2 assessment is a highly-skilled practice, requiring dedicated training in its administration and scoring. For best results, ongoing supervision/professional development is also recommended to keep administration to high standard and to establish and maintain inter-rater reliability of coding.  OTARC will begin to provide ongoing supervision/professional development. Training and supervision is provided by Dr Kristelle Hudry, who has clinical and research expertise in identifying signs of ASD in toddlers and young children, and in undertaking comprehensive diagnostic assessment for ASDs right across the lifespan. Dr Hudry has been using the ADOS for around 9 years and has been training others in its use for the last 6 years. She regularly participates in training and supervision activities with international experts in the field to maintain her own diagnostic skills and coding reliability.

For more details about the ADOS-2 assessment and to purchase a kit, see the US publisher’s website, WPS, and the website of the Australian distributor, ACER.

* N.B. Toddler-Module training is not included as part of a Standard ADOS-2 course (nor in ADOS-2 for Research). This new module is highly specialised, with training only offered to individuals who have already completed training on the Standard ADOS-2 set (i.e., Modules 1-4).

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