Visitors to the Centre – September to December 2016


Jonathon Dellafield-Butt

Professor Jonathon Delafield–Butt, Senior Lecturer in Early Years at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, presented at a special OTARC seminar.

Jeffrey Craig

Associate Professor Jeffrey Craig, Honorary Principal Research Fellow at the Early Life Epigenetics, Environmental and Genetic Epidemiology Research Group at the University of Melbourne, and Deputy Director, Australian Twin Registry, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute visited with Professor Cheryl Dissanayake.



Stephen Bigarelli and various OTARC and La Trobe staff

Mr Stephen Bigarelli, Chairman of the Apex Foundation visited the ASELCC (Vic) and OTARC.


Ms Maree Edwards (Chair) MLA for Bendigo West, Ms Cindy McLeish (Deputy Chair) MLA for Eildon,

Members of the Family and Community Development Committee for the Parliamentary Enquiry into Autism (Victorian State Government) visited the ASELCC and the OTARC to learn about early identification and diagnosis of autism and our Early Assessment Clinic, as well as about early intervention and the ESDM. The group included (left) Ms Maree Edwards (Chair) MLA for Bendigo West, (right) Ms Cindy McLeish (Deputy Chair) MLA for Eildon, and three Departmental staff.


Jay Buzhardt

Dr Jay Buzhardt, Associate Research Professor, Life Span Institute, Juniper Gardens Children’s Project, Kansas City, USA, presented at the OTARC October seminar.



Dr Emma Sciberras, Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer in Psychology at Deakin University and Honorary Research Fellow at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, presented at the OTARC November seminar.

Anne Carson, a Melbourne-based writer and visual artist and a Board member of ONDRU, an independent non-profit Arts organisation, visited and discussed opportunities for collaboration with Dr Elfriede Ihsen.


Sarah Hardy, Chief Executive Officer, Menzies Foundation, came to a meeting with Dr Josephine Barbaro.

María Magán Maganto,PhD candidate from
Grupo Infoautismo, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain, met with Dr Josephine Barbaro and Professor Cheryl Dissanayake to discuss opportunities for research collarboration.

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