Volunteering at OTARC since July 2013


We are grateful to the following volunteers who helped in the planning and execution of the July OTARC Autism Research Forum at La Trobe University, Bundoora. We send a big vote of thanks to the following volunteers:

  • Melanie Muniandy
  • Matthew Digby
  • Joanne Ferraro
  • Christine Antoniou
  • Roseanne Currie
  • Parise Gentikoglou
  • Shakuntla Gondalia
  • Perry Varol
  • Alara Karayalcin
  • Nicole Young
  • Heather Nuske
  • Emma Baker
  • Megan Clark
  • Megan Grant
  • Kat Crea
  • Cathy Bent

And a special mention to the three volunteers who served on the forum planning committee:

  • Yogi Khosugi
  • Airlie Hamlyn
  • Ayesha Maharaj


We also welcome Katherine Bastin who has begun volunteering at the OTARC Early Assessment Clinic.


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