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At latest count we have over 90 registered volunteers on our database. They are contributing their knowledge and skills in data entry, event planning, and research support. We need volunteers during the year for a variety of activities. To register as a volunteer.

Meet Jenny, Christina and Melanie

Jenny, Christina and Melanie

Jenny                                          Christina                                      Melanie

At OTARC we are very fortunate to have many volunteers to help us support our mission, which is vital, because it allows us to engage in our important research and other projects.  Below are a couple of examples of how our volunteers are helping us.

Recently, we decided to personally welcome individuals and families who register to participate in our research projects, and to make sure that we have their correct contact details and to answer any questions they may have.  We are very fortunate to have two wonderful volunteers, Jenny and Christina, agree to help us get in touch with our research participants. Jenny has a long history of working in early intervention, so her experience and wisdom is vital. Christina also brings a great deal of skill and understanding to the role, having completed a degree in Psychology at La Trobe as well as having commenced a Masters degree in Social Work, Both Jenny and Christina come in weekly to call families.

Another volunteer is Melanie who has been transcribing a series of focus group audio files.  Melanie has done a stirling job with difficult material. This has allowed Dr David Trembath to focus on his research work prior to leaving OTARC.

Thank you to all our volunteers who make our work a lot easier!

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